Our Story

Northumberland Promise was started in 2011 by just a small handful of people who came together from various churches in the Northumberland County area with a heart and a desire to serve the community housing neighbourhood in their community, not knowing exactly how that would look or how they would go about it.

So this small group of people began spending time walking through the neighbourhood and praying for the community there, as well as visiting with people and getting to know them.

After some time, they begun asking the people in the neighbourhood, “How can we help?” And the answer they received from many of the people there is that it would make a big difference if someone could help clean up the forest nearby.

So this small group of people arranged for a Community Cleanup Day to help clean up the forest, and members of the local church as well as members of the neighbourhood came out and the cleaned the forest together. It was at that event that some of the first relationships were made with members of the community!

Out of that first event and those first relationships, our organization was formed, which now seeks to serve the community through various programs and outreach initiatives.