About Us

Northumberland Promise is a cooperative outreach organization supported by local churches communities and individuals.

Our mission is to reach families in Northumberland County community housing with the love of Jesus and to provide opportunities to experience His restoring grace.

Our vision is one of disciples who are making disciples - of a community of people being transformed and restored by God, becoming leaders in their own community and sharing the good news of Jesus with their own families and neighbours.

We recognize that many in our communities are impacted by generational poverty, damaged relationships, inadequate housing, academic underachievement, unemployment, addiction and health issues. These issues often lead to feelings of shame, isolation and hopelessness.

As an organization, we strongly believe in the demonstrative and transforming power of the Gospel to not only bring real hope but also redemption and restoration to those in our community. Our aim is to come alongside our neighbours to offer practical and emotional support and to share the love of Jesus Christ, trusting in God to ultimately transform lives. We seek to do this through our presence in the community, through our various programs, and most importantly through our growing relationships with members of the community.



Our Story

Read more about how we got started here.


Our current programs:

  • After School Program
  • Breakfast Program
  • Summer Camp
  • Coffee Hour
  • Christmas Dinner
  • Alpha
Please visit our Programs page for more information.
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